Residência Évora no dia 10 de Maio de 2022


The ten artistic residencies carried out in the scope of Dentes de Leão take place in Sardoal and Évora. They enable one to factor the input from the local communities in the creative process of the 12 selected artists (including an Icelandic one), thus being open to participation by routinely involving the three groups of youngsters.

The residencies meet the conditions for the development of the participatory artistic projects with regard to visual arts, dance, performance or disciplinary crossings.

The residencies are divided into two stages.

In the first stage (residence #1 and residency #2), the artists map the territories in collaboration with the groups of youngsters. This is the moment to come up with a common vocabulary and to develop proposals for participatory artistic projects.

In the second stage (residencies #3 to #10), after the joint selection of five proposals, these will be developed and materialised in close relation to the places and the people. The presentation of the projects takes place at three different times: as an Open Studio (Évora), during the Participatory Arts Cycle (Sardoal) and at the Closing Forum (Lisbon).