Dandelions Forum

The Dandelions Fórum will take place on the 21st and 22nd of January, at Culturgest, in Lisbon. At this moment, the artistic projects developed by the artists in collaboration with the youth groups from Évora, Sardoal and Lisbon are presented and the community, public and academics join the international conference Prompting participation in the arts, […]

Participatory Arts Cycle ✱ 22—23 oct > Évora ✱ 29—30 oct > Sardoal

The Participatory Arts Cycle of the Dandelions project brings together five artistic proposals for the public to discover on the weekends of October 22 and 23, in Évora, and October 29 and 30, in Sardoal. The project started in January with the aim of deepening participatory artistic practices in Évora, Sardoal and Lisbon. It brought […]