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Dandelions Forum

The Dandelions Forum takes place on the 21st and 22nd of January at Culturgest, in Lisbon. This is the opportune moment to give visibility to the different results of the project: educational, artistic and social results. In the Forum, will be held the International Conference Prompting participation in the arts and will be presented the […]


The Cycle of Participatory Arts is a moment of revelation of the artistic proposals Dentes de Leão, constituted by the public presentation, in Évora and Sardoal, of the artistic results of the supported projects. The program of the participatory arts cycle gives visibility to the work developed in the Artist Residencies and values ​​places, materials […]


The Opening Forum, on January 22 and 23, 2022, marked the first general meeting between all the project’s key players. A community in the making thus forged its first links, and set to work on the mapping of desires and of a common vocabulary to back the forthcoming meetings. Mediation, listening and sharing were at […]


The Artistic Labs are moments consecrated to the groups of young artists and are guided by creators with experience in participatory art processes. They seek to develop tools that will support creation, to structure collaboration practices and settings, and to enable cultural exchanges among the participants. There will be two labs during the first stage […]


The ten artistic residencies carried out in the scope of Dentes de Leão take place in Sardoal and Évora. They enable one to factor the input from the local communities in the creative process of the 12 selected artists (including an Icelandic one), thus being open to participation by routinely involving the three groups of […]


In each town (Évora, Sardoal and Lisbon), a group of youngsters summoned by an open call gathers weekly in the presence of a cultural mediator. Over the course of several months, these groups have the opportunity to try out a temporary, local and enlarged community, and to get involved in co-creation and co-curatorship processes that […]