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Participatory Arts Cycle ✱ 22—23 oct > Évora ✱ 29—30 oct > Sardoal

The Participatory Arts Cycle of the Dandelions project brings together five artistic proposals for the public to discover on the weekends of October 22 and 23, in Évora, and October 29 and 30, in Sardoal.

The project started in January with the aim of deepening participatory artistic practices in Évora, Sardoal and Lisbon. It brought together artists and young people, involved a multifaceted team and gave rise to an exploratory community that has been dedicated to questioning and experimenting with models of creation and collaboration.

This cycle presents five artistic projects that invite the public to participate. On Oferta, permanent sculptures instigate communion between the participants, without the need for them to meet. Thus, they become places of social practices where one gives, finds or collects, without the need for a predefined purpose. With em espera, the public is invited to build their own landscape of Évora, Lisbon and Sardoal, through the sounds captured, selected and edited with the collaboration of young people. It is a project that, valuing the hearing of the spaces, impels us to expand our vision of them. Dentes de Leitão satirizes the way the arts are seen and framed outside their usual centers of production, as well as questioning many of the practices and methodologies involved in artistic creation. Pareidolia brings together a temporary community around a deck of fabric cards and a performance. It proposes a game of creative reading of images through words and movement, using the sharing of intuition, references, experiences and individual knowledge of people who, together, read and interpret. Linha de Terra is built from fragments of the meetings of the Dandelions community and proposes itself as a space to be, to be and to germinate ideas in relation to the environment and to others.

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